Monday, April 16, 2012

The blue jays have returned ~

I was relaxing out on my patio this evening after a long day working in the yard, when I heard some loud screeching noises.  Three blue jays came flying into my backyard to have a treat.  One of them waited patiently for the Red-belling woodpecker to finish his meal at the suet feeder.  They chased eachother around for a while, then one flew over to my little fountain to have a drink.  It was only about 5 feet away from me and didn't seem to be bothered that I was so close.  It flew away and later came back for a second sip!  I used to not care much for these large, noise, aggressive birds, but you can't deny that they are beautiful birds.  The patterns on their wings and their facial markings are quite striking!  Hope you enjoy the photos!

This little Tufted Titmouse flew in for a treat as well ~

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bluebirds ~

I was wandering around my yard the other night, heard some commotion, and had to check it out.  What I found was two bluebird couples playing in the yard.  I ran and grabbed my camera and watched in amazement for over an hour.  The two males had a big smack down as one of the females tried her best to break up the fight.  She kept looking at me, as to say, "Are you just going to stand there taking pictures or are you going to do something?"  When I finally decided that the underdog had enough, I took one step forward and the aggressor took off.  Both couples eventually went off on their own and all was well again in the world!  I even found a nest started in one of my bluebird boxes today!  Hopefully, I will have a second in my other box soon!  Enjoy the photos,  I wish they were a little clearer, but I had to keep my distance when shooting them.

And the fight begins ~

Enter the female~

I love when the males' wings are open ~ he looks like an angel, but he's not acting like one!

Now she is trying to step in ~

I think she wants my help ~
Now she is yelling at them to stop and behave ~

She can't believe that I'm not doing anything to stop the fight ~

Finally the fight ended and this little guy couldn't be more relieved.

Now the couples have gone off one their own ~
one couple retreats to the trampoline ~ the other to the garden~
along with a bodyguard~ :)

Finally ~ off for an evening snack~

No birds were harmed in the photographing of this fight-night event.
Thanks for tuning in!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring cleaning blues ~

Feeling like making the most of my last day of a four day weekend, I decided to wash all the windows in my house and the curtains today.   I had taken down all the curtains in my dining room, which has a large picture window and two smaller windows next to it and had just finished cleaning the windows  when I noticed a male bluebird sitting about  50ft away on my butterfly bush.  I grabbed my camera and began shooting.  I knew that if I had tried to sneak out the front door to get a better shot, he would fly away.  Luckily, even through the window, I was able to get a few good ones!

This photo was taken a little too far away for my lens but I'm happy that this little guy is checking out the housing in my yard!  Hopefully he will start a little family and take up residence!

He also found some refreshments at the bird bath.  I just purchase the solar "water wiggler" in this bird bath and have seen a lot more birds stopping by to have a drink!  I picked up mealworms for them today as well!

Hope you are seeing some of these beautiful birds in your backyards too!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

The birds have found the little feeder I attached to the deck railing  just outside my kitchen window!  This makes it easier to get closer photos of them.  I saw a pedestal fountain at the home show today that I would love to put in that corner as well.  My other fountains are too far away to get good photos because I'd have to be out on the patio to get them and that would just keep them from using them.  I would love to get some close ups of the birds splashing around in the water!  My birthday is coming up soon and I already hinted to my guy that I REALLY liked it!  For now ~ I'll just have to settle for the photo ops with the birdies at the little feeder.   The next two photos are of an American Goldfinch that was enjoying some black-oiled sunflower seeds.

Chipping Sparrow

Male Cardinals

This is Peaches taking a break in my raised herb garden.  I think she likes the smell of the fennel!

Thanks and stop back soon!