Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More bluebirds and hummingbirds!

Bluebirds really love the meal worms and wax worms ~  within minutes of putting them out, the bluebirds scarf them all up~

This female bluebird has a mouthful ~ I hope she shares with her little ones~

Female bluebird

This is by far, my favorite photo I've taken~  Thanks to my friend Steve for all the tips!

This is the close-up shot!  I finally was able to get a clear shot of it's wings!

Rubythroated hummingbird ~ just resting it's wings while feeding!

Male bluebird

My cat Peaches!  She likes the outdoors as much as I do!

Female bluebird

Female bluebird ~ part owl!  :)

These are baby praying mantis' that hatched in my butterfly keeper!  I put the cacoon in it last fall and they just hatched this past weekend!  I sprinkled them into each of my gardens ~ there must've been a hundred of them!

Baby praying mantis!

I love this shot!  The little baby bluebird must be hungry!

Male rubythroated hummingbird!

Ready for take off!

Just resting on the trellis!  These birds are so beautiful!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bye bye birdie ~

 First, a few more photo of my male Rubythroated hummingbird. 
 He was really showing of his brilliant red throat!

 The last baby robin ~  it was startled by my son and I checking it out and it hopped out of the nest onto the front yard.  It really wasn't ready to fly, so I tried to catch it put it back in the nest.  It's mother didn't want me anywhere near it.  I followed it down the front yard and watched it hop across the road to safety.
It had to take a break on a little garden deco trellis.

                               Momma with dinner for her chicks ~ taken the day before they fledged.

Bluebirds ~

                                                                 Momma with dinner!

                                                           Daddy has a snack too!
                                              And 5 little baby bluebirds~ what a cute family!
                        I finally picked up the wax worms and meal worms that my friend suggested ~
                                    they love them ~ they're going fast ~ time to hit the store for more!

                                A few new butterflies have been visiting my gardens already !

                                                           Spicebush Swallowtail

                           This male and female Spicebush swallowtail were doing the mating dance!
                                              Their host plant in my area  is the tulip tree.

This is a Hop Merchant (summer version)

I'm still hoping to attract the zebra swallowtial this summer.  I have several passionflower vines~ which is their host plant.  Paw Paw trees are as well, but the two I planted aren't  doing anything.
Put out some rotting fruit in your garden and see what kinds of butterflies you attract!