Sunday, May 29, 2011

May wings~

The Butterflies are back!!!

 Female Tiger Swallowtail
 Blue Jay
 Pileated Woodpecker ~ I was working in my garden and heard a heck of a ruckus, when I turned around, I found this guy in my front yard.  Luckily, I always keep my camera close by!
 I think this woodpecker looks like a cartoon character!
 Rubythroated hummingbird ~ thank you to my photographer friend for the tips on getting this shot!

I really enjoy living in the woods ~ so many beautiful wings in my gardens!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Second chances ~

My first nest of 5 eggs were destroyed by something ~ not sure what, but I'm guessing an aggressive house wren.  I found the broken eggs on the ground outside the box.  Shortly after though, a nest was made in my 2nd box and there are presently 5 eggs in there.  I hope these make it!  This is the Poppa bluebird dropping in a few twigs to attract a female.  If she accepts him as her mate, she will finish the nest and lay her eggs.  I guess he got lucky!

This is another couple, possibly the first couple ~ wondering what happened to their eggs.  I cleaned out the nest (which had bugs crawling through it).  If I'm lucky, they will start a new one.  I read that they can have up to 4 broods a season.

This is the female bluebird getting ready to go inside and set on her eggs.

She flew up in the tree and was keeping a close watch on me.

This robin has a nest of 4 eggs (2 of which hatched so far) in a hanging basket, on my front porch!
Each year I get a nest in there.  It's amazing how quickly they grow and fly away.
I'll try to post some photos of all they babies in the next few days!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome Bluebirds and hummingbirds!

Male Rubythroated hummingbird

He just hung around on this trellis, posing for me!

Bluebird eggs
The next day, there were 5 eggs in this nest!!!

Blue jays

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Springtime visitors!

Eastern Bluebird !
I put my first bluebird house up 3 years ago after seeing my first bluebird in my neighbors yard.  I had hoped that she would hang around once I put up the house but no luck.  The following year I had two separate nests in the house!  Last year ~ I put up a second house (thinking that since there were quite a few new bluebirds from the year before).  I did see a bluebird one evening, found one twig in one of the houses, but that was it.  I didn't realize that the houses need to be about 100 feet apart.  So, I moved the second house. 
This year I have nests in both houses!!!  I'm going to try to get photos of the eggs and baby birds ~ guess I should do a little research before hand.

Downy woodpecker

Ruby throated hummingbird
Yeah!  They are back! 
 I first say him on April 16th ~ luckily I had put my feeders out the week  night before.

Northern flicker

Male cardinal

This is an idea that I came up with, after seeing  a similar item in a catalog.  I already had the little feeder and just added cotton balls.  It is to try to entice hummingbirds to nest near by.  They like to use cotton type material in their nest.  Clearly something is using it, but I'm not sure if it's the hummers or another bird.  I'll have to keep my eyes open for takers!

I am patiently waiting for the return of my butterflies.  I planted an herb garden this weekend with several host plants for black swallowtails and tiger swallowtails. 

I also started a dozen or so butterfly weed plants in-doors to attract the monarchs !  They are pretty small right now.  I hope the make it.  I do have 4 plants from last year that haven't started coming up yet.  I read that they start later in the spring, if not, I may have to go hit the nursery for more.  I also have so milkweed seeds to plant and will be ordering some milkweed seedling from Monarch watch soon.

I hope all who read this are having a wonderful spring!